I choose to be happy

I choose to be happy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cerita ummi.... EAT THAT FROG!! eeeeeeeeyuuckkkkkk....

What?? eat frog? Crazy!!!

It is actually a phrase that we use to describe how we plan when doing something... If you have few things to be ready at the similar time, it is better for you to do the one that you HATE MOST (the frog la..) first! Is that true?? Yeah, it works for almost of the time la kot, or might works for some people, especially the organized one :)

When we don't like a thing, we don't feel of doing it, right? So, we tend to put it as "do it later la..."  and, when the deadline is just around the corner (or is over?), we won't be able to complete it, so bad kan!

On the other hand, we'll definitely put 110% effort to do things that we like, no matter how, what and when!  That's the reason, why we need to eat the frog first, because you'll take longer time to finish it, as compared to eating strawberry trifle ke, RV cake ke, cheesecake ke, surely sekelip mata dah LICIN kan? Wow, yummy.... But the truth is, right now, in front of me is the FROG!!!!! Sigh........ Go away frog!!!

hehehe... my frog :((

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idasm said...

Baru perasan yang ada blog. Mmg suker bc kesah kawan2.. buat kita lebih dekatkan..